Senior Project Manager / Industrial & Environmental Compliance

Mr. Trebnick has over 30 years of management and environmental compliance experience in the wood products and mining industries. He has managed air, water, solid and hazardous waste compliance for major Title V industrial locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin ensuring facility site compliance with EPA, MN Pollution Control Agency and WI Department of Natural Resource Environmental Rules and Regulations.

As Industrial Compliance Manager at NTS, Mr. Trebnick manages on-going, field and water quality sampling and Agency reporting functions for a number of northern Minnesota mining interests. Mr. Trebnick has administered extensive baseline surface water and groundwater field and chemistry sample plans to fulfill prefeasibility and environmental impact studies for area mining interests. Mr. Trebnick has managed oversight of AOC/VIC sites at the former LTV Steel Mining Company property near Hoyt Lakes, MN, which is recognized as one of the largest Brownfield re-development sites in Minnesota. His expertise in industrial and environmental compliance ensures that industrial clients have proven technical management and support services to facilitate compliance to regulatory permit conditions and related industrial interests.