Project Manager / Construction & Materials

Mr. Tamminen specializes in construction and material testing. He has a civil engineering background in soil mechanics, construction materials and structural analysis. Prior to joining NTS, he had over 40 years of experience in the mining industry. This experience includes structural design of mining equipment, tailings basin supervisor, engineering facilitator, and manager positions in virtually all areas of taconite mine and plant operations and maintenance. Included in his work as tailings basin supervisor and engineering facilitator was direct experience in geotechnical investigation, tailings basin construction and geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring.

Mr. Tamminen is currently working as Project Manager, Construction & Materials Testing. This work includes project proposals, meeting with clients, scheduling technicians to on-site field and lab tests, and review and reporting results of tests. He also coordinates any technical issues of the client to the appropriate staff professional engineer on the NTS team.